Our belief

iRewind is founded on the belief that today's memories become future happiness to share.
We strive to deliver those moments in a quality that amuses and elicits pride, so people want to share their joyous moments with friends.

Bringing people together, through communication and sharing, is a goal we are proud to serve.


video memories

iRewind provides helps people to do what they do best - tell a great story!
Our video memories highlight each individual during their activity, making them the star.

Memories on tablet
Memories on tablet

The Product

Is Simple

Give each paticipant a short sample of their video memory for free and make it easy to share. Participants may then purchase the full version.

Free Video

Each participant receives a free & short video memory to share on social media

Movie features:

  • Roughly 50% of the filming points (cca. 1min-2min video)
  • Sharable from iRewind.com for a limited time
  • May contain sponsor advertising
  • Video available and stored for a limited time

short video

Memories on tablet
Premium Video

Participants can purchase their full length video in HD to download and share on social media

Movie features:

  • More filming points featuring you (cca. 2min-4min video)
  • High resolution video - HD 720p
  • Download to watch and share anytime
  • Stored on iRewind long term
  • No advertising

full video

Memories on tablet

Set up within minutes,

delivered to any device

iRewind cameras are placed at multiple locations along a course or travel destination. Once uploaded, cloud based technology applies crop & follow, slow motion and other effects to highlight each participant, making them the star of their personal video.

iRewind workflow

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and would like to learn more,
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Brand Engagement

Each video promotes your event to maximize visibility of your brand. Additionally there is advertising space for sponsors before and after the free video.

In video

Industries we serve

(Since March 2015)

Sports market
Sports market
Leisure Market
Leisure market

Customers served: 400,000 +

Countries present: 20


iRewind helps increase the visibility of your event, and positions you as a trendsetter

  • Increase approx visibility 25x by integrating content participants want to share. (1) (2)
  • Differentiate your event with cutting edge innovation.
  • Affordable grass roots, social marketing reaching millennials.

Participants want to celebrate achievements on social media but currently lack engaging content to share after an event.

Deployment partners

  • In the sports market, iRewind partners with selected timing companies.
  • Partnership strengthens a timers product offering and revenue stream.
  • Revenue sharing programs available.

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(1) Calculated using internal data, assumes a conservative average of 200 Facebook friends (average user has 350 Facebook friends based on 2014 statistics: http://www.statista.com/statistics/232499/americans-who-use-social-networking-sites-several-times-per-day/ ). Calculation excludes other social sharing channels.
(2) That's a bit on the conservative side because it does not factor in short clips we can provide on Instagram, content on YouTube, or organic Google search for runners of your event. Convince yourself: enter "runner Sierre-Zinal" (or any event where iRewind provided videos) in Google and search 'videos'.